Admin Commands

All players can use the player commands, but only admins can use these commands.

*clearskills [player name]
Clears the skills for the specified player.
*createaccount [account name] [password] [email address]
Allows moderators to create accounts from ingame.
*fetch [player name]
Fetchs the specified character to your coordinates.
*goto [x800 y7500]
Takes you to the specified coordinates. Make sure these coordinates are valid. Invalid coordinates may result in a server crash.
*mute [player name] [seconds]
The specified character will be unable to speak or trade for the specified duration.
*unmute [player name]
Unmutes a character.
*return [player name]
Returns a player to Hope.
*restore [player name]
Restores all player stats to full.
*resetquest [player name] [quest id]
Resets the specified quest for a player if they fail and unable to restart. You can find the quest id names in the servers Quests directory. When resetting a quest do not include the file extention in the id.
For example, the following usage is correct: *resetquest Satch alera_ointment
The following usage is not: *resetquest Satch
*setapp [player name] [pose] [skin] [eye] [hair] [style]
Changes character settings. Pose is the character pose (0–2), skin color (0–3), eye color (0–5), hair color (0–7) and hair style (0–15).
* setooc [0–1]
Sets out-of-character chat mode on or off. 0 is on, 1 is off. OOC is on by default.

Spawning Items and Experience

*addcoins [player name] [type 0–2] [amount]
Gives the specified player coins. There are three different types of currency in Akarra:
  • Copper: 0
  • Drengel: 1
  • Quats: 2
*addexp [player name] [amount]
Gives a player a specified amount of experience points.
*createitem [item name]
Creates the specified item and places it in inventory. The itemname must be the exact name from the server’s item database. This name is usually the same in-game too. The name does not have to be case-sensitive. How to generate the item list.

Spawning Monsters

Detailed information on spawning monsters.

*activatespawn [spawn name]
Activates a dynamic spawn unless it’s already activated.
*downloadspawn [spawn name]
Downloads a dynamic spawn and stores it on your client.
*removespawn [spawn name]
Unload a dynamic spawn.
*uploadspawn [spawn name]
Uploads the spawn information to the server.