General Questions

Can you recover my character from the original game?
No, characters generally can’t be moved between servers. Also, we don’t have access to the details of the characters from the original game.
How do I get money?
You can obtain coins many ways. Some monsters, such as skeletons, drop coins when you slay them. Others, such as rabbits drop items which may be collected and sold to NPCs according to their interests. For example, Skye the Ranger happily buys fur, but has little interest in potions. Your fellow players may also be interested in buying items off you, use the /trade command to advertise your wares.
How do I get a horse?
Find a horse dealer willing to sell you a horse deed. To mount the horse, equip the deed while standing near it. Always make a note of the coordinates when you dismount! It can be difficult to remember where you left your steed. Horses also tend to wander a little when left to their own devices, so you may have to hunt around for a while to locate it if you’ve abandoned it for a long while.
How do I use attribute points?
Attribute Points, or APs for short, shape your character.
  • Beefy damage-dealers load quite a few points into Strength
  • Stoic tanks tend to focus on Constitution
  • Agility is important for dagger-users and rangers
  • Mages spend many points on Intelligence
  • Faith is vital for healers
You gain APs as you gain experience; five per level. To allocate them, open the Character tab, and select the Use Attribute Points button.
How do I change my class?
Changing class is a permanent, irreversible character development. Think long and hard before progressing. To change class, open the Character tab, and select the Change Class button.
How do I attack using a bow or crossbow?
Equip both the weapon and it’s ammunition. For the bow you’ll need arrows, and for the crossbow you’ll need crossbow bolts. These are ranged weapons, so the target must be at least one square away.

Fine-Tuning Spell Controls

How do I set a main and secondary spell?
This makes spells much more convenient for mages and healers. First, select your preferred attack spell by clicking on its icon in the Skills tab. Then either use the Set Skill as Default button at the top of the tab, or press Ctrl + D. This is now the default skill used when you click an enemy. You must set the default skill every time you start the game. Many mages have died forgetting this, attacking monsters with their puny mage fists, instead of zapping them into oblivion.
A secondary spell can also be stored for easy access. Choose another spell from the list, and it will be activated when you use the Skill button.
How do I use skill lists?
For more comprehensive control over active skills, use the Skill List function. Press Ctrl + 1 to see Skill List 1. Now select skill icons to add those skills to the list. Use the the Tab button to cycle through the skills on the list. There are up to three skill lists available, use Ctrl + 2 and Ctrl + 3 to toggle the active list.

Crafting and Combining items

How do I combine items in my inventory?
Open the Inventory tab, and drag one item onto the other. Here are some sample combinations:
  • Wooden Club + Worg Teeth = Spiked Club
  • Green Turtle’s Shell (Half) + Green Turtle’s Shell (Half) = Green Turtle’s Shell
  • Green Turtle’s Shell + Small Piece of Brown Fur = Turtle Helm
  • Red Turtle’s Shell + Piece of Brown Fur = Red Turtle Shield
  • Tiny Piece of Brown Fur + Tiny Piece of Brown Fur = Small Piece of Brown Fur
  • Small Piece of Brown Fur + Small Piece of Brown Fur = Piece of Brown Fur
  • Piece of Brown Fur + Piece of Brown Fur = Large Piece of Brown Fur
Combined items are usually more valuable and useful, as well as taking up much less space in the inventory.
How do I craft items?
Some NPCs will help you to craft items. When you have gathered enough white fur to make two Large Pieces, bring them to Hartmut the Tailor in Hope. Click on Hartmut and select Craft. Drag the two large pieces of fur to the Craft Ingredients screen. The result of the craft, a White Fur Cloak appears below. You can examine the craft result.